At Alghanah Group WLL, we recruit only the best craftsmen available in order to provide excellent welding works for our clients. We specialize in domestic welding services for fabrications such as hand rails, balcony rails, mechanical equipment, scaffolding, gate etc.

Our primary concern is to provide quality workmanship. In order to achieve this goal, we resort to using quality equipment that are popular in the industry today. Our technicians are well trained in the best practices of welding, which assures quality work in the shortest turnaround time. The right equipment coupled with a skilled workforce is truly an assurance in quality, reliability and efficiency.

We specially focus on the quality of our work, and all the fabrications that come out of our workshops are tested thoroughly to make sure that they adhere to our strict quality standards. This approach has been enabled up to provide quality services consistently, irrespective of the volume or the size of our undertakings.

With a credible safety and quality standards in place, we operate like a well oiled machine, allowing us to successfully complete any given task within a set time frame. This objective, which drives our operations is also responsible for the high degree of client satisfaction we have amassed. We hope to continue to provide viable services, which hold up to our high standards of quality and reliability.

Alghanah Group W.L.L

Alghanah Group W.L.L