Aluminium Works

As one of the leading aluminium fabricators in Bahrain, our workshops are equipped to handle large volumes of cladding, windows, kitchen cabinets and other types of domestic aluminium works. Our specialized aluminium composite panels are designed and developed for corporate and domestic requirements.

We have a state of the art workshop that operates at maximum efficiency. We use some of the best equipment and specialists in the field, which ensures quality and reliability in all of our aluminium works. We are now capable of providing our services to all our clients, irrespective of the size or make of the aluminium products. Over the years, we have grown to become one of the rusted names in the aluminium industry in the country. We come highly recommended by our suppliers, manufacturers, traders etc. Our plethora of services includes fabrication and trading of aluminium doors, windows, kitchen cabinets, partitions, etc.

Our specialized aluminium cladding are used by architects around the country, and we are proud of being one of the premier choice for aluminium composite panels and claddings for large scale projects. Our commitment to excellence guarantees quality and results in some of the finest aluminium works. We make sure that all the aluminium works that comes out of our production lines adheres to our strict standards of quality.

Our focus on excellence has prompted us to seek out newer, better methods of fabrication. This attitude towards our work has played a crucial role in our rise to prominence in the aluminium sector in the country.

Alghanah Group W.L.L

Alghanah Group W.L.L